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A Much-Needed Massage

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Nothing pleases me more than being able to relax after a hard workout. Now that it is skiing season again, it is even more important for me to be able to soothe my muscles after a few runs on the slopes. The bad thing is that my current massage chair has recently broken and I find myself researching for a new one that meets all of my requirements.


Living such a hectic lifestyle, finding the time to take a much-needed break and truly relax can be daunting. However, I am inclined to think that you should take a moment to get away from it all whenever possible and that is where a great massage chair comes in. Not only does it ease my anxiety and stress, but lower blood pressure is another advantage to using one. Of course, no massage chair is ever the best for every situation, and that’s why I really had to do my homework in order to get the best option available on the market. These days, there are so many massage chairs out there, so being able to narrow down the field is an absolute must. You can always find a local spa or massage therapist in your neighborhood, but it is even more accommodating to have it all directly in your home and receiving the same benefits. The following are a few of the massage chairs that I believe can get the job done and are affordable to boot.

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Osaki OS-400

Osaki OS-400 chair

Crafted of synthetic leather, and featuring solid construction and design, the Osaki OS-400 is all about performance that you will notice automatically. There are many reasons why I find it one of the better options on the market, but with its zero-gravity positioning, you can either recline or even adjust the chair’s angle with ease. It even has a built-in control that scans the entire body to make slight adjustments that focus on the neck, lumbar region, and shoulders for the best massage ever.


Not only are these areas tended to, but also everything in between from arms to feet, buttocks, and calves. It is also possible to customize the massage using one of the 6 auto-programs that come with it: smart, relax, healthcare, therapy, circulation, and demo), plus a total of 6 massage styles as well – kneading, Swedish, rolling, shiatsu, clapping, and combo. If you would prefer other adjustments, there are another 5 intensity levels and speeds to choose from. Bolstered by 32 airbags located throughout the recliner to target all areas of the body, this massage chair ensures that you will enjoy the entire experience from head to toe as it applies pressure to the neck, the glutes, lower back, hips, shoulders, and more. For the money, there probably are few massage chairs that can compare to this one and it comes highly recommended.


Inada Sogno

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

Known as ‘The Dreamwave’, this edition from Inada Sogno is definitely a winning massage chair that imitates the actual motion of those that have been trained in professional shiatsu massage. Fittingly, it is one of the highest rated and advanced options available on the market today, recommended by physical therapists and chiropractors because of its advanced coverage. With proprietary technology that executes figure-8 motion, users are assured of stimulating the balance of the body and will feel the effects almost immediately.


The programs can be customized in sequences that include morning, stretch, and nighttime routines, cradling your entire body and providing full coverage of 1200 square inches, making it one of the broader recliners available on the market. This massage chair has been designed to work on both the young and the old alike, perfectly massaging the calves, hips, back, thighs, feet, neck, and arms.

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Before each massage begins, the machine scans your body and detects certain pressure points to yield a customized massage. It may be more expensive than other models, but it is absolutely worth every penny, is a solid investment and is available in several colors (red, black, brown) to suit your preferences. I have used many massage chairs in my day, but this is arguably the best one that I have ever come across and if you don’t love it as much as I do, I really don’t know what more you could be asking for!